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CPP/FPC Study Groups

Study Group classes for the Spring 2018 Testing is scheduled to begin Feburary 8th.

CPP & FPC exams administered Sept 16, 2017 – Sept 15, 2018 should be answered based on Federal laws and regulations in effect 1/1/2017

Spring 2018 Exam window March 24th - April 21st. Registration January 16th – April 20th.

Class Schedule

 Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Course Description

 This is a study group for those who are interested taking the Certified Payroll Professional exam given by the American Payroll Association.

 Course Objective

 Each week we will review different chapters from the 2017 Payroll Source and do problems based on different scenarios to help the group understand the concepts needed to pass the exam. 


Class Schedule


02/08/18:  Section 1:  The Employer-Employee Relationship

                   Section 2:   Federal And State Wage Hour-Laws

02/15/18:  Section 3:  Taxable and Nontaxable Compensation

02/22/18:  Section 4:   Health, Accident, And Retirement Benefits 

03/01/18:  Section 5:   Paying The Employee

                   Section 6:   Withholding Taxes

03/08/18:  Sections 1-6 Review

03/15/18:  Section 7:   Unemployment Insurance

                   Section 8:   Depositing and Reporting Withheld Taxes

03/22/18:  Section 9:   Other Deductions From Pay

                   Section 10:  Recordkeeping And Record Retention

03/29/18:  Section 11:  Payroll Accounting

                   Section 12:  Payroll Systems and Technology

04/05/18:  Section 13:  Managing A Payroll Department

                   Section 14:  Payroll for U.S. Employees Abroad & Aliens In the U.S.

04/12/18:  Section 15:  Preparing For The CPP Exam

                   Review Sections Plus Practice Test


Suggestions For Success

Be prepared for each meeting by READING & STUDYING the chapter(s) to be discussed ahead of time.  Participate in the group discussions.  Miss as few meetings as possible. Ensure you give yourself enough time each week to devote to study.



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